Welcome to Made at No2

Welcome to Made at No2

So we are the new kids on the block.. 

Made at No2 is run by me (Abbie) and my partner Tony. We are based in Suffolk, UK and all of our products are hand poured/created at number 2 ironically. 

The business was set up during Lockdown 2020, after deciding to take a leap of faith alongside our other successful business. 

Now, we don't have the same amount of money to invest in marketing and campaigns, or to pay influencers for instagram post like some of the multi-million pound businesses out there, but we can compete on quality and excel in customer service! 

All of our wax melts are made from soy wax, are vegan friendly and cruelty fee. We are fully insured and comply with CLP regulations. 

Our fragrance lists are ever growing, and the new year brings lots of exciting launches/products that we have been working hard on for the last few weeks.

We can't wait for 2021 and we hope you'll be with us on our journey. 

Speak to you next year!

Thanks for Reading, 
A x

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