How to Use Wax Melts

Once you've got the hang of wax melts, they're really quite straightforward. 

Step 1: Select your wax melt

There's plenty of wax melts to choose from and a variety of fragrances.  Most wax melts use either paraffin or soy wax, we use a blend of the two, which is vegan and cruelty free. 

Step 2: Put your wax melt in your burner

Depending on the size of your wax melts/wax burner, you typically only need to use 1-2 cubes of wax.

Simply pop the wax melt into the dish of your wax burner. 

Step 3: Turn on your burner

If you're using an electric warmer, there should be a switch or button to turn it on. If you're using a tea light warmer, simply light your tea light and pop it into the designated hole below the dish. We recommend that you only use 4 hour tea lights in your burners. 8 hour tea lights can cause the wax burners to get to hot, and could crack/break. 

Once you've got your wax burner on the go, the wax will slowly melt to release a beautiful aroma. One cube from our wax melts will last for approximately 8 hours.

If you decide to only burn your wax melt for an hour or so, you can simply let the wax harden and re-burn at a later time.

 Step 4: Remove the wax and clean your burner

If you've burnt your wax melt and are thinking "why doesn't this smell anymore?" you may be experiencing a case of nose-blindness, or more likely, it's time to change your wax melt.

So how do you empty a wax burner? Firstly, make sure your burner is cool to touch.

Next, there are a few methods you can use to empty your burner. Some people like to burn the wax for a few minutes until it's in a liquid form, soak it up using cotton balls and discard.

Others will turn on the burner for a moment until the wax has loosened slightly, scoop it out and pop it in the bin.

Alternatively you can use re-useable popper liners. Sit a liner in the burner dish, put your melt in, and simply pop the hardened wax back out when you're finished for mess free approach - They are a GAME CHANGER

We have them on offer here